Financial Reporting & Planning in Power BIĀ 

FP&AutomationĀ delivers full-suite financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting tools in easy-to-use Power BI dashboards.


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Financial Reporting: Enhanced.

Empower your team with a comprehensive suite of dynamic financial reports in Power BI: Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, AR/AP, Sales Analytics, and more.

Support your business with dashboards that integrate data from QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Business Central, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Shopify, and others.

Pre-Configured Dashboards.

Financial reporting and tools that integrate directly with your accounting systems (like QuickBooks).

Training & Education.

World-class training in data analytics andĀ process automation just for finance and accounting teams.

Professional Services.

Let our teamĀ partner with you to buildĀ custom solutions for your FP&A needs.

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What does success look like for you? Here's our vision:

  1. Decision-makers have high-quality, accurate financial reporting at their fingertips.
  2. Finance teams carry out all essential reporting, budgeting, and forecasting exercises from one consolidated Power BI dashboard.
  3. Controls, security, and streamlined processes enable finance teams to work faster and smarter.
  4. Business teamsĀ have the tools and skills to generate actionable business insight quickly.
  5. Finance teams can create new solutions at low cost and with faster time-to-value than ever before.

What's your vision of success? FP&Automation is here toĀ partner with your team to create best-in-class solutions, whatever your goals are.

Automate Your Financial Reporting

Pre-configured, dynamic dashboards to help you generate actionable insights to grow your business with our CFO Dashboard Pack.

Automate Manual FP&A Processes

Out-of-the-box process automation tools to save time and money and multiply your team's productivity with our Finance Automation Apps.

Dynamic Forecasting & Budgeting Tools

Plan every aspect of your businessesĀ (revenue, OPEX, CAPEX, etc.) all from Power BI using ourĀ XP&A Dashboard Packs.

Give Your Team the Competitive Edge

Live or online training to give your team the skills they need to succeed with FP&A tech.Ā Partner with us to build best-in-class solutions.

World-Class Financial Reporting, Forecasting, and Budgeting Tools in Power BI.

You have important work to doā€”we're here to here to build intuitive, practical tools to help your team work faster and smarter.Ā 

Hear From Our Clients

Matthew Sypa, Adco Electrical


We've experienced a transformative journey with FP&Automation, whose expertise in automation shifted our business from tedious, time-consuming tasks to efficient, automated processes. Their assistance allowed us to increase our speed and accuracy, improving our overall working environment. We've seen a rise in productivity and morale, as our team can now focus on strategic initiatives. FP&Automation has truly revolutionized our operations and working culture. We unequivocally recommend them to any organization looking to streamline and automate their business processes.

Mery Lim, Plexys Interface Products



Power BI is a powerful FP&A tool that allows us to do planning, combine data from multiple sources and create a unified view of financial and operational data, enabling comprehensive analysis and insights. Just like any other tool, we can only use it if we know how to. FP&Automation helped us fill this gap by training me and my team to learn the basic. They customized the training program that fit our goals and helped us understand and become familiar with the dataset. The hands-on training and interactive engagement made it an exciting experience for all of us. We learned a valuable skill. Thank you, FP&Automation!