What Is FP&Automation?

We are Power BI specialists focused on providing you with best-in-class financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting solutions.

What We Do
Who We Serve

Specialized FP&A Solutions with Power BI   

Integrated reporting for: QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Business Central, Dynamics 365, Shopify, and Salesforce.

Custom planning solutions for: Revenue, COGS, OPEX, Payroll, CAPEX, 13 Weeks Cash Flow, Working Capital, Cost Allocation, Demand Planning, and more.


We offer a full suite of pre-configured financial reporting and process automation solutions. Our apps include items like:

  1. Automated, comprehensive financial reporting for QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and other systems
  2. Apps to automate finance and accounting tasks like Accounts Receivable reminders
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Training & Education

We train your team to use self-service technologies to build world-class FP&A tools. Get the skills and guidance to:

  1.  Build advanced analytics and reporting solutions on demand
  2. Build self-service applications to automate and streamline processes
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Professional Services

We build and support bespoke solutions for your team. We'll partner with you to:

  1. Create, implement, and manage custom FP&A tools 
  2. Augment and accelerate your finance transformation efforts with world-class expertise
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The Roadmap to Modern FP&A with Power BI

Legacy processes hold even the best teams back. Successful starts with a clear understanding of the problems faced by finance teams¬†‚ÄĒ and a vision for how to solve them.


Current State

With FP&Automation

How We Deliver

Data Consolidation
Data from business systems lives in a different silos. Creating a unified view of the business is difficult.
Data is consolidated and integrated for streamlined reporting and analytics across the entire business. 
We use Acterys to consolidate and integrate your data.
Financial Reporting
Financial reporting is time-consuming and labor-intensive. No dynamic or real-time financial reporting.
Dynamic, responsive financial reporting is automated and immediately available to stakeholders. 
We've designed intuitive Power BI dashboards that connect to your financial systems (QuickBooks, etc.).
Business Processes
Highly skilled finance and accounting teams spend their time on repetitive, manual tasks.
Repetitive tasks are automated, and processes are designed for maximum efficiency. Skilled labor is focused on high-value work.
We use Power Automate to deliver world-class automation tools for your team.
Advanced Analytics
Finance teams face slow time-to-insight, and cumbersome analytics processes. Deep analysis is prevented by inadequate tooling and systems.
Decision-makers have relevant KPIs and metrics at their fingertips. Finance teams have the skills and tools to generate new, actionable analytics as needed.
We use Power BI to answer complex questions and deliver actionable insight.
Forecasting & Budgeting
Planning, forecasting, and budgeting cycles are difficult to manage and inconsistent. Teams struggle to systematically produce accurate forecasts.
Planning is centralized and standardized using dynamic planning dashboards. Controls and approvals are built into the planning process. Forecasts are accurate and timely.
We use Acterys XP&A to create custom planning solutions for every business need.
Tool Development
Finance teams are dependent on numerous third party software tools and expensive internal development teams to build FP&A solutions.
Business teams have the tools and skills to build self-service FP&A applications.
We train your team to build self-service tools to accelerate your transformation.
Flow of Work
Finance teams are reactive to the demands of business stakeholders. 
Finance teams can build proactive tooling to solve for stakeholder needs, rather than engage in reactive processes.
We arm your team with the frameworks they need to construct proactive tools and processes, liberating them from "reactive" flow of work.